Proactive ED Management.
More Than Staffing.

A unique perspective that sets us apart.

Led by experienced hospital operators and seasoned physicians, APP is driven to improve ED performance in order to enhance the experience and results for patients, providers and administrators.

  • Analytics detailing improvements in Arrival to care, LWBS and growth in ED volume
  • Proprietary programs for strategic quality initiatives including sepsis and opioid abuse
  • Revenue generating value-based care strategies including MIPS
  • Effective management programs with documented increases in provider and patient satisfaction

Validated Impact. Proven Results.

About American Physician Partners

American Physician Partners is a medical service organization that was formed to meet the need of hospitals throughout the United States. Led by experienced hospital operators and seasoned ER/Hospitalist Physicians, American Physician Partners has a unique perspective of the industry which sets them apart from traditional staffing companies.

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