American Physician Partners works hard for you.

American Physician Partners is a medical service organization that was formed to meet the needs of hospitals throughout the United States. Led by experienced hospital operators and seasoned ER/Hospitalist Physicians, American Physician Partners has a unique perspective of the industry which sets them apart from traditional staffing companies.

Our vision for the company would be to continue the great organic growth that we’ve already experienced and to continue holding our management team and infrastructure as we grow. For example, we have just hired two additional regional executives for the contracts we have pending. We recently moved into a new space that gave us an additional 4,000 square feet of space. We will also continue expand our growth in the following areas:

  • Acquisitions of the small to medium sized ED (emergency department) groups (possible great arbitrage with purchase).
  • Acquisition of larger ED groups (mostly broker backed but may make strategic sense).
  • Purchase of a Hospitalist company that would bring more expertise in this area and possibly new ED contracts. (currently having conversations with a medium size company)
  • Add an Anesthesia service line (possible roll up of small to mid-size group as hospitals demand more hospital based physician services).
  • Consider expanding into Urgent Care (to complement our ED business)
  • Develop stand-alone ED’s in conjunction with hospital partners (capture market share).

With our relationships and our location here in Nashville, we are in a unique position to build a company based on quality and partnerships. We will be known as ‘best in class’ and as a management company, not a staffing company. As we grow and expand our areas of service, we are confident that the build-out of a first class management team is what will make us unique compared to our competition. We have done this multiple times during our careers and believe this is a key to future success. We believe with this strategic vision and the right capital partner, APP will have substantial growth and will be recognized as a significant player in this sector of the healthcare market. Our goal will be to continue creating value for management, our partners, and the patients we serve.

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